If you are contacted by "Global Housing" or any other company claiming they are the "official" housing service for the 2018 SAFE Symposium, and/or that they are able to obtain significant reductions for you on rooms, please do not do business with them.  SAFE has made no arrangement, nor does it plan to, for the utilization of a 2018 sleeping room housing service.

Management at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino were advised and, unfortunately, they reported this is becoming more of an issue across the country each year.  They have also advised that these shysters get as much money as they can, close up shop, and move prior to being investigated and/or arrested.  They will take your deposit and run!

SAFE’s official published statement regarding hotel sleeping rooms follows:


Note regarding hotel sleeping rooms at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino

Special Note:  We understand that companies offering to provide individual rooms or small room blocks at less than SAFE contracted rates have been in contact with several of our corporate members and exhibitors. While the SAFE room rate may be a few dollars more than the rates quoted by these companies, this is due to the fact that SAFE negotiates with the hotel to obtain no rental fees for our meeting and exhibit space.  This negotiation results in a huge savings which is passed along to our SAFE attendees in the form of lower registration and exhibit space rates.  The hotel recovers a small percentage of this rental by adding a few dollars to the negotiated room rate.

It is important to understand that this slight room increase does not come close to covering the astronomical per square foot per day rates the hotel normally charges for meeting room and exhibit space rental.

SAFE is financially liable for all contracted rooms, whether the hotel sells them or not. This is why we ask that you always book your rooms under the SAFE block. We work diligently to give all attendees the best overall experience at our annual Symposium and ask for your continued support.